Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Three simple rules in life :-)

When ever i read anything interesting i pen it down, so that i can think about it and apply it in my life tooo.... More than anything what really matters is the hands on experience :-) Like the experiments we do in our labs, where we get electric shock or get burnt or breaking a leg trying to win a football match - those are amazing moments that actually teaches what life is worth or what we really are !!! i happen to read one of my friend's blog where he mentioned about the what he gained and lost in a year :-) it was really interesting to read, how he summed things up and the POSITIVE ATTITUDE..

Its only after we lose things that we understand what we have GAINED... more of philosophy :P

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


i happen to read this article on the eve of women's day... since then it has always been there in my mind vividly...
Thought i would write it in my blog too :-)

"I too have given agnipariksha,
Not one - but many
Everyday, a new one.
However, this agnipariksha
Is not to prove myself worthy of this or that Ram
But to make myself
Worthy of freedom.
Every day your envious, dirty looks
Reduced me to ashes
And everyday, like a Phoenix, I arose again
Out of my own ashes ... ... ...
Who is Ram to reject me?
I have rejected that entire society
Which has converted
Homes into prisons."